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“Crisply vivid, witty, and at once far-seeing and a-whisper with intimacies…a rare and splendid pleasure”- C.M. Mayo, Meteor

“…a wondrous collection that reminds us of states of being so fundamental they can only be described as holy.” – Juliet Patterson, Threnody


Shelley’s Blog

I can't find the reference now, but I remember its essence.  Look upon the land and hold it in your heart for when it is taken away its memory remains. The speaker I do remember was a Lakota Sioux to his people at the onset of white encroachment and Indian removal. Memory often holds what is no longer--memory, the only way perhaps both to reach back and to move forward. I thought of this when I read of the 2.5 million honeybees inadvertently killed in South Carolina during a morning aerial...

Framed, just like that--what a picture.  But I didn't have my camera. Or binoculars.  I tried with the cell phone but even the zoom didn't bring him into focus.  And the window screen blurred what image it captured. There'd been foxes in my yard before.  Gray foxes.  The kind I think I saw when I was a kid out at the farm.   I've always said my nearly 100-year-old bungalow farmhouse on the outskirts of Vega, Texas was like living in a pasture.  And the foxes proved it.  When...